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Facing your sexual health issues can be daunting to say the least. However, together we can address these issues head on and come up with actionable solutions you can start right away. Whether you are experiencing erection issues, mismatched sexual desire, orgasm difficulties, fatigue, depression, anxiety or stress....there are many tools in my "toolbox" to resolve these issues. Let's do this!

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Body Function

Your general health plays a vital role in how you show up for your day...and night. Often time for men it's not until blood flow issues or vascular problems occur that we give our bodies the attention they need. For women, it can mean avoiding sex because of pain or discomfort.

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Emotions, Thoughts & Feelings

The brain-genital connection can be "zapped" suddenly by negative emotions of worry, fear, guilt, shame and sadness. Stress too can mess with both your body function and your mind. Often addressing these areas can reconnect the brain-genital connection leading to a renewed healthy sexual relationship.

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Critical to sexual function is a healthy relationship. Intimacy inside and outside the bedroom is vital for a relationship to grow and thrive. Learning new ways to make intimacy a top priority can reignite the sexual landscape of a relationship including satisfaction and pleasure!

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